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Clinical Rheumatology
We provide comprehensive care in all disciplines and conditions related to rheumatology in two different office locations distributed across Northern Alabama for your convenience. Our main office in Huntsville, AL is where our Laboratory and Comprehensive Osteoporosis Center is located. When you arrive for your appointment, you can expect a friendly, professional experience with our receptionist staff, our experienced nursing staff, and our Board Certified Physicians, as well as close proximity to most other testing.

Laboratory and X-Ray
Our Laboratory includes all the necessary care and equipment for the diagnosis, management and monitoring of different rheumatological diseases. Since our Laboratory is connected to our main office directly, it provides a convenience of not requiring the patient to visit a separate office or facility, while still providing a quality environment for the patient to have his/her tests done. Our office also has a state of the art digital X-Ray facility located in our main office.

Comprehensive Osteoporosis Center (COC)
The COC is aimed at providing complete care, from diagnosis to the treatment, of Osteoporosis and related diseases, and is also available for use by referring physicians. Using a Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) machine, our technicians can test the density of the patient’s bones, helping our doctors or the patient’s own family physician to treat Osteoporosis and other conditions. For extra convenience to the patients, the COC is located in both of our Huntsville and Sheffield offices.
COC Patient Forms

Infusion Suite
In our infusion suite our well trained and qualified nurses will administer new IV based arthritis medications in a safe, comfortable atmosphere. This allows for one of our physicians to be close by in case the patient has any adverse reactions to a new medication or dosage. Some of the infusion based medicines that are given in the Infusion Suite include Remicade©, Orencia©, Rituxan©, Zoledronic Acid©, Simponi Aria©, Prolia© and others.