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We provide comprehensive care in all disciplines and conditions related to rheumatology in two different office locations distributed across Northern Alabama for your convenience…

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and X-Ray

Our Laboratory includes all the necessary care and equpiment for the diagnosis, management and monitoring of different rheumatological diseases. Since our Laboratory is connected…

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Osteoporosis Center (COC)

The COC is aimed at providing complete care, from diagnosis to the treatment, of Osteoprosis and related diseases, and is also available for use by referring physicians. Using a Dual Energy…

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Clinical Research Center (CRC)

Our Clinical Research Center focuses on extending care to the new frontiers in the field of developments for the care of rheumatological conditions. If patients qualify for any of our programs, our physicians will inform them…

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Infusion Suite

Our infusion suite is staffed with well trained and qualified nurses who administer IV based arthritis medications in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. There is at least one physician close by in case the patient…

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