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healthy_living_imageThe Comprehensive Osteoporosis Center provides complete evaluation and management of osteoporosis.
This center was created in response to an increased community interest in osteoporosis prevention and treatment.

Osteoporosis is a bone-weakening disease which makes bone fragile and prone to fractures. Patients identified as at-risk for osteoporosis are scheduled for a Bone Density test.

DEXA – or Bone Density test is a safe, reliable and non-invasive method of measuring bone mineralization, an important factor in the detection of osteoporosis. The densitometer uses a very small amount of X-ray energy (one-tenth of that used for an X-ray), as a way to measure your bone density.

720 Gallatin Street, Suite 500
Huntsville, AL, 35801
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Sheffield, AL 35660
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